Muscular-Skeletal Manipulation

Animals, like people suffer from back, neck, pelvic and muscular-skeletal problems and can benefit from a manipulation treatment. These are non-invasive and holistic; they look to align and balance the muscular-skeletal system through manipulation, paying special attention to the spine and pelvis.

When you book a session it generally takes about 45 mins for horses and 20 to 30 minutes for dogs: A sessions is broken down into 5 sections:

  • Record cardA History will be taken of the animal's details, including any previous and current health conditions. 


  • ObservationThe animal's movement is then observed using various exercises.


  • Palpalation/massage/pressure releaseNext a palpation of the animal's spine and muscles, feeling for any misaligned joints. Beginning at the Atlas (1st vertebrae). Then moving along the spine, and finally checking the pelvis and the feet. At this stage generally the touch is very gentle looking for reaction from the animal for areas of tension. When an area shows a reaction some massage or pressure release works towards getting the animal to relax.


  • Manipulation - Next manipulation of the muscles and consequently the skeleton.Again beginning at the atlas, then moving to the pelvis. Misalignment are commonly found in both the atlas and the pelvis whereby one side appears lower than the opposite side. So the adjustments are made to aid the joints to move back to their original position, helping to improve muscle and nerve function. Next the spine is checked and adjusted in the same way. Finishing the treatment with checking and adjusted the feet and legs.


  • Aftercare and Advice - Lastly, aftercare and any question. Advise on stretches and exercises.